The 5K Challenge

There is a great challenge for everybody in running a 5k

The creation of the parkrun has created a series of local races for all abilities and the distance is perfect to train for and challenge yourself, don't just use it as a stepping stone to longer distances.  It is a great challenge in itself and the training can be fitted into a busy schedule which is great.  As a beginner the volumes of training do not need to be large to be able to perform well and give yourself something to build on and go back and challenge previous performances.  

You can start with 4 runs per week to build up, depending on present fitness level:

Monday - 10 mins run  walk 2 mins 5 mins run walk 2 mins 3 mins run walk 2mins run 2 mins 

Wednesday - Run for as long as you can then walk for 2 mins and run back in one go if you can

Friday - 20 mins at the pace you ex mins at 5k effort with 1 mon jogspect to run the 5k at

Sunday - Longer run try to get up to 30 mins

The above would work for the beginner the more competitive runner would train 5 to 6 days:

Monday - 30 mins at 95% of 5k pace

Tuesday - Fartlek 1/4/2/3/5/3/2/4/1 mins at 5k effort with 1 min jogs

Wednesday - Steady run for 45 mins at 3o secs per mile slower than 5k pace

Thursday - 5 x 1k at 105% of 5k pace with 3 min recovery

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Tempo Run

Sunday - Longer Run 60 mins at 1 min per mile slower than 5k pace.

The above are examples only and training needs to suit the athlete.


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