Oregan Circuit

Oregan Circuits were derived to meet to dual goals of S&C and also maintain Aerobic ability

The Oregan circuit combines running and S&C work, it can be designed to suit specific needs, the running may feature longer running sections to improve aerobic ability while the S&C would provide a lesser element.  Equally there is merit in running shorter harder reps with S&C of higher ability, the combinations are pretty much endless.  The following is an example:

Run for 5 mins at 5k pace then do 30 secs of the following:

Press Ups > Lunge Walk > Squats > Dorsal Raise > Toe Raise > Side Shuffle > Superman's > Tricep Dips 30 secs before and after.

Between each rep run 2 mins at 3 k pace after the last rep run 5 mins at 10 k pace.

This provides 24 mins of running with 4 mins of activity, but your body maintains a higher heart rate so in effect you have 36 mins of aerobic/anaerobic stress


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